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For All Nerds The Nostalgia of Sister Night Featuring Stephen Williams


For All Nerds

We know you watched this week's Watchmen. We know that "This Extraordinary Being" the sixth episode of the premier season has left you with more questions than answers, and you've got theories and ideas that you need to discuss. We're here for you, and because it's Friendsgiving, we decided to welcome Stephen Williams, the director of this week's episode of Watchmen, as well as one of the executive producers of the hit HBO series! We discuss any and everything related to the phenomenal episode of Watchmen, so make sure you're up to date before you press play. That's not all, it's an extra special holiday episode as we welcome The Chico Leo back to the ship, just in time to answer your questions on Geekquently Asked Questions and to bless your eardrums with a Chico pick of the week. Or something to that extent.

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