For All Nerds The Loki Season One All Star Review Featuring Everyone


You already know how it's going down! The Views From The 616 team returns to review the entire first season of Loki, and we brought some special friends along! The Loki All Star Panel: Janicia of Tea With Queen & J - @JaniciaF Rodimus Prime of The Black Guy Who Tips - @RodimusPrime Kate Sanchez of ButWhyThoPC - @OhMyMithrandir Ron Seoul-Oh of POC_Culture - @RonSeoulOh Plus of course your hosts: @TatianaKing and @DJBenhameen of @ForAllNerds @ViewsFromThe616 So go ahead and press play and get ready for one of the most insightful, comedic, and overall awesome reviews of Season One of Loki... Plus... the eternal question... would you smash yourself?

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