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For All Nerds The Good Place Experience Feat. William Jackson Harper


Just when you thought we were done, we are back with another one! Just in time for the Chidi-centric episode of The Good Place, we welcome the man who portrays the most indecisive man on television, Mr. William Jackson Harper himself! Yes, you heard correctly, Chidi is on the spaceship, discussing everything from Negroes in space to why The Good Place is one of the most positive and uplifting shows on the air right now. Plus we answer a hella lot of Geekquently Asked Questions, Benhameen is underwhelmed by the Dawn of X in Comics I Copped, and more giveaways than you gonna know what to do with! Make sure you are following us on Instagram and Twitter and Twitch to get yourself involved in the Multiple Giveaways of the Week!

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