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For All Nerds The FanBros Need Therapy Episode


On the latest FanBrosShow the Voice Of The Urban Geek welcomes Dr. Maya Pettiford the psychologist most commonly known for her appearance on The Combat Jack Show's now famous Therapy Episode. The FanBros talk through their differences with each other, as well as delving into the their individual origin stories. The FanBros speak on their own problems & psychosis and Dr. Pettiford helps each of them see that they are stronger as a family then they are without each other. Learn what made Chico Leo leave the show for six months, why BenHaMeen never speaks on Dubai, and what animal does Tatiana most identify herself with? It's a very special episode of FanBrosShow, so please tune in and let us know what you think of the show, the discussion, and anything else in the comments and on our various social medias.

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