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For All Nerds The FanBros Cinematic Universe


For All Nerds

The FanBros Cinematic Universe would be extremely lit to say the least, instead of Infinity Stones we have the Infinity Stoned and so on and so forth. You already know what kind of episode you're getting today, as @JeffJSays and @DJBenhameen return to the spaceship after last week's all women episode. Make sure you peep that and then listen as they review Ready Player One, no spoilers of course, speak on the Donald Glover Deadpool fiasco, plus more news of the week in geek! Of course we have the Geekquently Asked Questions segment, where we answer each and every listener question no matter the topic! Plus a very special #ComicsICopped segment this week and make sure you use the hashtag on any and all forms of social media no matter if it's your new or old comics you've copped!

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