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For All Nerds The Falcon & The Winter Soldier - "Power Broker" (Review, Recap, Easter Egg


For All Nerds

If young Zemo don’t trust you we gone shoot you, because things are heating up on the third episode of The Falcon & The White Wolf, with Sam & Bucky taking drastic measures to make it happen, Captain. Do the ends justify the means? I guess? It seems that the Flag Smashers are not the only ones who will find out, as our dynamic duo is joined by the one and only Baron Von Zemo, aka Baron on the beat. Plus, we travel to one of the homes of a certain hairy mutant, and we are left with just one question, what’s a going on with Sharon? Tatiana and Benhameen are back to break down everything from episode three of Falcon & The Winter Soldier "Power Broker"! Yes it's another one as Views From The 616 returns with the breakdowns that you know and love. Tune in at ONE PM EST for the LIVE TWITCH STREAM: Twitch.TV/ForAllNerds Thank you for visiting, please follow and subscribe! Follow: Twitt

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