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For All Nerds Slambros: Respect and Cause


For All Nerds

Respect, ladies and gentlemen, this is an easy concept, you better put it on Samoa Joe’s name. The Slambros Boman12l and Illa YC return for the 19th episode and hopefully do not anger “The Destroyer”. ​​ This week we dig in the dirt with heavy hearts, as we report and reflect on the passings of Chavo Guerrero Sr, Nicole Bass, Ivan Koloff and George “The Animal” Steele. Unfortunately the sad news does not end there, as Naomi had to relinquish her Smackdown’s Women’s Title. On the positive side, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins should be cleared to return soon. Perhaps best of all, Lucha Underground is coming to Netflix! With the help of a temporal device, Boman and YC jump back and forth through time to recap the last two weeks of wrestling. The hellscape that is RAW is even bleaker after Kevin Owens destroyed Friendship. The Slambros, like everyone else, are living in a “

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