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For All Nerds Slambros: Garbage Truck Powers Not to Scale


For All Nerds

Hey folks, if you get thrown into the back of a garbage truck, unlike Braun Strowman you likely will not come back with garbage truck powers. The Slambros, Boman12L and Illa YC, return for the 38th/42nd episode to pitch the WWE on some new merch ideas! Before we get all shark tank on “not to scale Egyptian threaded towels” we do a little digging in the dirt followed by our favorite problematic telenovela, ¡Las Aventuras…! On RAW, Braun Strowman is back and apparently has garbage truck powers. He was not the only person to reappear on the red show, as there were two Samoans and an untouchable NPC returning has some time away from the spot light. Over on Smackdown, the blue brand pushes on with preparations for a possible RAW counterattack for their “under siege” actions. News on Slambros watching the G1 and more inside, so stayed tuned! 04:25 Diggin’ in the Dirt 13:22

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