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For All Nerds Saved By The Zord


For All Nerds

It's another episode of the For All Nerds Show and your favorite podcast about geek culture from the perspective of people of color is back! This week, Benhameen, Tatiana King Jones and Jeff J celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!! Go Go!! Plus we have an extended and very special Geekquently Asked Questions where Benhameen confronts his reformed Hotep status. Can Finn and Poe have a little romance? You'l have to listen and find out yourself. The ForAllNerdsShow is a presentation of The LoudSpeakers Network, where we always say Rest In Power to Combat Jack. You can find us on all social media @ForAllNerds, and our family of shows can be found on Itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and anywhere better podcasts are found.

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