For All Nerds Outlaw Barz: Anime Adventures - NYCC 2017 Wrap Up


Once upon a time, a Diva nearly walked her life away to share nifty updates from New York Comic Con 2017. In this episode of Outlaw Barz, Anime Adventures, Diva reveals a couple of juicy secrets that were discovered at NYCC 2017. From Christopher Sabat & Vic Mignogna to Fairy Tail & My Hero Academia, Diva spills all she knows (more like all she remembers) about the whirlwind known as New York Comic Con...and then the ladies kill a couple of men. And a child. Anime/Manga Mentioned in this Episode: Magical Warfare The Promised Neverland Death Note Magi Sailor Moon Food Wars Music Intro & Outro: @iamlwdgng

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