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For All Nerds Oulaw Barz - Attack On Titan S3 Review


For All Nerds

Outlaw Barz makes its triumphant, yet bittersweet, return to the podcast fold with a new episode. This week Tam and Sope let their powers combine to discuss the incredibly stressful Season 3 of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). They discuss their fascination (and fear) with Levi, question Eren's and Historia's family history and remind everyone that they will never read the manga. PLUS they have a ton of anime recommendations. But before all of that, the ladies address the recent passing of @deadlydiva and discuss how they will honor her legacy. Rest in Power @deadlydiva NOTE: The ladies go full spoiler-riffic so if you haven't watched THE FIRST SIX episodes of the (24 episode!) new season of AoT, take a watch first then listen.

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