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For All Nerds Loki - "The Variant" Episode 2 (Review, Recap, Easter Eggs & More)


Things are getting weird and a little dangerous at the TVA. So Agent Mobius takes it upon himself to recruit one problem to solve his other problem--Loki himself! Will our Disney prince be the hero that everyone needs, or fall back on his duplicitous ways? The possibilities, like the number of Loki variants, are endless and it’s still too early to tell what’s going to happen. But one things for sure--the Loki variant they’ve been chasing is a she. Could it be Lady Loki? Tatiana and BenHaMeen are back to break down all of the themes and ideas in the latest episode of Loki! Make sure to tune in at THREE PM EASTERN for the live show! Twitch.TV/ForAllNerds Thank you for visiting, please follow and subscribe! Follow: Twitter.Com/ForAllNerds Instagram.Com/ForAllNerds Twitch.TV/ForAllNerds

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