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For All Nerds King Chadwick Forever Featuring Matt Ruff (LoveCraft Country)


For All Nerds

Wakanda Forever! On this very special episode our hosts Tatiana King and Benhameen reminisce on the life and work of Chadwick Boseman, and why his passing is such a devastating blow to the world, and in particular the geek community. But, even in our time of mourning, we have to celebrate the gifts that Mr. Boseman left us with, and how we can continue to carry on the mission, while celebrating his life. That's not all, as the celebrated author Matt Ruff returns to the spaceship to discuss his novel Lovecraft Country (You know the one that has been adapted into a little show you may have heard about) We speak on how he feels about the show, what's next in the book world of Lovecraft and much more!!! Wakanda Forever!

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