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For All Nerds Iron Fail: The Iron Fist Review (Special Delivery)


For All Nerds

Iron Fail? Well you'll have to listen to find out exactly what letter grade The Chico Leo & DJ Benhameen give the new Iron Fist series but it ain't pretty folks. Oh yes you heard that correctly the dynamic dastardly duo is back in action as Chico makes his triumphant return to the escape pod! The terrible two review Iron Fist, as well as a catch up on the state of television these days. If you've missed the reviews then get ready as they catch you up on The Walking Dead, Legion, Underground, Expanse, and much more. As well as what they are looking forward to in the coming weeks. Looking at you Into The Badlands & American Gods. IRON FIST SPOILERS FROM 2:30 TO 33:15

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