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For All Nerds (FBS No. 59) An American In Hollywood Episode Feat. JD Williams & Sai Verad


For All Nerds

An American In Hollywood is a new film directed by Sai Veradan & starring JD Williams amongst many others that opens in select cities this weekend. The FanBrosShow, being the trendsetters that we are, invited them on the spaceship to discuss making An American In Hollywood as well as JD Williams storied career in Hollywood, plus his uber FanBros credentials. We delve into the worst of M Night Shyamalan's films, which rappers represent which super heroes and much more on this jam packed episode of FanBrosShow. Do Remember An American In Hollywood opens this weekend in NYC, New Jersey, & Philly. So if you are near one of the screenings do your best to get over there and check it out, you'll hear our thoughts on this episode but safe to say this is a movie that needs to be supported so that we see more representations of FanBros on screen as soon as possible. Go out this weekend and catch A

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