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For All Nerds FBS No. 50! The Homeboy Sandman Episode (Feat. @IMPastryStudios & @ZoemSchw


For All Nerds

On our fiftieth episode we bring you an extra special extended edition featuring the incomparable Homeboy Sandman. Unless you've been living under a rock you have heard of his recent editorial "Black People Are Cowards". We discuss the ramifications and the fallout from the incredible piece of writing. Not only is Homeboy an accomplished author he is also a Hip-Hop lyricist so we get into the music as well and we find out if Neil Gaiman's Sandman > Marvel's Sandman. Plus we also welcome @IMPastryStudio to the show and we get laced with our very own custom cupcakes. Plus! Yes there's more we also welcome @ZoeySchwab to sit in the spaceship as our guest cohost! She needs a Star Trek name Internets! Before we finish we also discuss the new Batman suit & Channing Tatum playing Gambit! 50 Episodes!!! Just getting started!!!!

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