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For All Nerds Far From Homebodies


For All Nerds

The Voice Of The Urban Geek is back once again to discuss the Far From Home Trailer and why it doesn't matter that Tom Holland has returned to the land of the living. We decipher all of the hidden messages and easter eggs in the teaser, and much more in this breakdown. Plus we have an extra lit Geekquently Asked Questions, whether we debate can a Caucasian person wear a Black Panther shirt with pride? Top it off, Benhameen rants and raves in Comics I Copped, where we discuss all of the best comics we are checking this weekend. SHOW DESCRIPTION: 0:00 to 16:00 - Far From Home Trailer Discussion 16:01 to 21:00 - Free Tickets to Glass Screener Tonight: 21:00 to 49:04 - Geekquently Asked Questions (Listener Question and Advice Segment) 49:05 to 56:00 - Comics I Copped (Comic Book Discussion and Re

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