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For All Nerds FanBrosNYCC Special Delivery


For All Nerds

FanBrosNYCC is the hashtag that you need in your life right now as Tatiana King takes over the spaceship on this New York Comic Con Special Delivery of the world famous FanBrosShow! It wouldn't be a FanBrosNYCC without the legend The Chico Leo so of course he's riding copilot as the team discusses how to handle NYCC, where to find them if you're attending, and what to look out for from the convention. Hint hint check the hashtag #FanBrosNYCC. Plus we have another epic edition of Geekquently Asked Questions, where we answer any and all questions from our audience, Tech Talk with Tatiana and Chico's Pic Of The Week! Get up with the For All Nerds crew and get ready for New York Comic Con! Where's Benhameen tho?

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