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For All Nerds Castle Black - "Spoils Of War" (Game Of Thrones Recap)


For All Nerds

From the minds behind FanBrosShow comes Castle Black, thee Blackest Game Of Thrones Podcast In All Of The Realms. On the premier episode FanBros alums Tatiana King & BenHaMeen are joined by their OutlawBarzPod sistren Deadly Diva to discuss one of the most fire episodes in history of Game Of Thrones. Fire as in dragon fire, see what we did there. Listen as Diva breaks down the episode from the perspective of the book reader, while the FanBros contingent approaches from loyal tv viewers who haven't read more than a book between them. Thank you for checking out Castle Black and get ready for much more from the team as we approach the end of this season as well as the upcoming final season of #ThronesYall .

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