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For All Nerds Castle Black - Game Of Thrones Season Eight Episode Six Review - The Iron T


For All Nerds

It's over y'all. And you already know we have a lot to say about the finale episode of Game Of Thrones. Ever. That's it, that's all... to paraphrase the immortal words of Magic Johnson "They ain't gone be here". How did the final episode stack up? Well you're going to have to press play to find out as Tatiana King, Porshea Patterson, and DJ BenHaMeen are here to give their thoughts, their feelings, even bare their souls as we discuss The Iron Throne, the last ever episode. But don't get it twisted, this is not the end of Castle Black, we will be back next week with an EXTRA SPECIAL recap of the entire series, and much more to come after that. Follow us @CastleBlackPod and @ForAllNerds to keep up with the family.

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