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For All Nerds Can We Try? (Special Delivery)


For All Nerds

Yo Fanbros. Chico Leo and Kimsonian are here with your weekly recap of The Walking Dead, and with next week;s season finale looming, how is the crew doing? The guys also take a look at the CW's newest show, iZombie, to see if it's just another drama about pretty white people. Lastly Kimsonian sings the praises of The Flash and how Barry Allen is more Peter Parker then Peter Parker. And we invite CaptKirkeisha & TyTheRobot onto the space pod to soar through the skies of Empire. Was it a good season? Do they care? Are the drinks complimentary on the space pod? All this and more on today's FanBros Show Special Delivery! Make sure your subscribe to the Fanbros Show on itunes, soundcloud and stitcher. Follow us on instagram, and twitter. Like us on facebook! And keep up with the latest in FanBros on!

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