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For All Nerds Bad Boys II Men


For All Nerds

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Bad Boys Bad Boys... We didn't think this day would come, but there is a new trailer for Bad Boys For Life. Yup, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back, and Tatiana King and Benhameen are here to answer the question of are we ready for another round of hyper violence and questionable comedy? Plus we discuss the new Dave Chapelle special, and what does it mean to cancel someone in 2019? Is Scarlett Johansson just speaking her mind, or has she lost it somewhere along the way? Also... we take a moment of silence for the last issue of Wicked & Divine, Benhameen continues to rave over House Of X, and we answer the Geekquently Asked Question... Can gentrification ever be a good thing?

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