A-Trak & Tommy Trash Lose My Mind (Mija Remix)

  • Album: Lose My Mind

Download: http://smarturl.it/MijaLMM Watch the Lyric Video: http://smarturl.it/LMMVid A-Trak has teamed back up with Tommy Trash for “Lose My Mind,” a feel-good, satin jacket jam for our crazy times. These DJ heroes have slowed down the tempo and turned up the bump, ticking all boxes for “joy” in the process: distorted bass riffs, vintage vocals, and a Travolta-worthy disco strut. No straight jacket required! Follow A-Trak! http://soundcloud.com/Atrak http://twitter.com/atrak http://instagram.com/atrak http://facebook.com/atrak Follow Tommy Trash! http://soundcloud.com/TommyTrash http://twitter.com/tommytrash http://instagram.com/djtommytrash http://facebook.com/djtommytrash Follow Mija! http://soundcloud.com/hi_mija http://twitter.com/hi_mija http://facebook.com/hi_mija

  • Producer: Mija
  • Album: Lose My Mind
  • Release Date: August 30, 2016