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Promnite Gunsmoke

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Promnite is a master of moods. From futuristic house and hip-hop to throwback funk and r&b vibes, this LA-based producer and DJ has a catalog of slaps for every occasion, both solo and in collaboration with like-minded explorers Mr. Carmack, Djemba Djemba and his own Athletixx squad. “Gunsmoke” is the first taste of Promnite's new Fool's Gold project and a fitting curtain call for 2016: heavy vibes taking listeners over the ledge and leaping into an unknown future. With new school rap hero Denzel Curry getting righteous on the mic (returning the favor for the Promnite-produced “Story: No Title” on his acclaimed Imperial) alongside Nell, J.K. The Reaper & Twelve'len, “Gunsmoke” cranks the feels (and the snares) to 11,setting a tone for Promnite’s most vivid and personal collection to date.

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