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Floyd Miles Top Tier (Drake Time Flies Cover)


Floyd Miles

I can’t lie got variety you don’t want notoriety what’s the irony that I’ll lay a nigga down if they try me see I’m sovereign see the crown fuck a tyranny if you wana stick around don’t you lie to me tryna put you in a gown build a dynasty we don’t let them hold us down you on the side of me what a sight to see what you tryna be bloodline from the Gods better act right lifetime in the wrong still they backbite would someone let them know that was the last flight to the past life hey we up look at em tryna tryna be us they can’t even reup nope we gotta tee up they can’t keep up we know when they see us ooooo they don’t know what to do know what to do rather see my heart turn crystal I wont never no send you mixed signals right now i guess ill just get you w.........

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