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PASTOR CHRIS NAIDOO The Son of man ministry


Final voice

afternoon service on Sunday, 3 December 2017. Matthew 22: 23-28 243 God has always counted character, not members. And today we do vice versa. We count members, good dress, well payers, instead of character. Uh-huh. 244 Eliezer sweated it out, until he found character. That's right. Who would he get? And he trusted God. Character for what? Character for Isaac, the bride, which the Church is type of. You know that. That was the natural seed of Abraham; this is the royal Seed of Abraham. Well, if Eliezer, the messenger hunting the bride and trying to find character, if that man is come, a messenger of the last day, trying to find the Bride for Christ, he will not look for a denominational membership. He will look for character that's willing. 63-0116 - The Evening Messenger Rev. William M

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