Pastor Moses Dzova The season of entering in

  • Album: The Final Voice

Final voice

The season of entering in preached by Pastor Moses Dzova as part of our second Christmas meeting on 25 December 2017. Joshua 1: 1-3 12 And as the song said, we’re seeking out that little, lost sheep, that’s, that…He—He won’t come until that sheep is in. Every one has to be in the fold. He won’t close the door till that last one is in. So, minister brothers, I’m sure with you, this morning, of trying to hunt out that last sheep. It might be in Phoenix, this morning. I don’t know. But when the last one comes in, then the Shepherd will close the door. 65-0410 - The Easter Seal Rev. William Marrion Branham 112 It’s a lot different, what it used to be, but it’s changed. Not—not, Christ hasn’t changed. The disciples today is a lot difference from the disciples of old.

  • Album: The Final Voice
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