Pastor David Tshibambe The Golden Age part 3


Final voice

The Golden Age Part 3 preached by Pastor David Tshibambe on Sunday, 11 March 2018.Genesis 22: 1-2; 7-8; 142 Chronicles 3:118 It is only the love of our Father, that loves us so much that He sends His Word. He sends His ministers to preach the Word. Then He sends gifts into the church with His arms spread out, trying to get you to believe it. He wants to heal you tonight, a thousand times more than you want to be healed. But you’re afraid. You—you go by how you feel, because you—you’ve regarded that; you’ve lived by your feelings. That’s… Your whole life has been wrapped in that. But you must get away from that, and act on God’s Word, not what you feel, not what you see, what God said, and act on that. Make a confession of that. “Confess” means “to say the same thing.” And He’s at the
  • Release Date: March 13, 2018