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Pastor David Tshibambe The mystery of the BLACK HORSE RIDER'S attack Part 3


Final voice

Rev 6:5-6 Luke 1: 1-4 Luke 12:27-34 Now, notice in the Bible, seers. We find out that Balaam fell because of money. Samson fell because of women, and Saul fell because of popularity. So I had to notice those things. I knowed popularity, and—and women I shunned, but…?… He… I don't… Sisters, I don't mean a brotherhood, fellowship, but I mean in the—in the way when I was a kid, I… A voice spoke to me. You've read my life story, all of you, haven't you? When He told me, "Never smoke, drink, or defile my body," well I, that I kept reverent. 10 And I didn't… wasn't much afraid of that, because… But the test of money, that was the thing that bothered me. And I was raised so poor, my, I thought money will just be… So I said, "Lord, going out in the meetings, I'll certainly keep money in the

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