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Pastor David Tshibambe Ruth Getting Rewarded With a Change of Position


Final voice

RUTH GETTING REWARDED WITH A CHANGE OF POSITION preached by Pastor David Tshibambe on Sunday, 9 September 2018. Ruth 4: 7-11 Luke 12:8 Revelations 5: 1-6 Why? He was a kinsman. He was a kinfolks redeemer. Oh, how beautiful it is! It’s such a beautiful story. 150 And then, all this time, Ruth was resting and waiting to find out how it would come out. Then he comes back, no one could give a testimony against it. He come back and took Naomi…and took Ruth, the beautiful Moabite girl, and they were married and lived on this possession. What a beautiful story! 151 There’s three stages of Ruth. Ruth—Ruth, deciding; she was deciding whether she would make the decision or not, to go back into the homeland (just like the Church). Ruth, serving; when she went out to glean. Ruth, resting; that’s what Ruth is doing now (the Church). Now Ruth, rewarded; now that’s where, or, the next thing happens (is the reward of the Church). 152 Now, we’re can’t…I don’t have time, because you got a baptismal service and it’s quarter after eleven now. But maybe we’ll pick this up next Sunday or some other Sunday in the future, the Lord willing. And I’d like to take this down here, to show these seven horn

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