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Pastor Alan Badinga How to approach the invisible One and become one with Him Part 2


Final voice

23 November 2017. Philippians 4:7-8 Psalms 1: 1-6 James 4: 7-8 Psalms 34:7 22 Oh, it's too bad that the church today doesn't walk in the Spirit like that more than we do. For it's that kind of a time that when God comes to you. You know, it was on the road to Emmaus when Cleopas and his friend was speaking, and talking, and thinking about Jesus, that He walked out of the bushes by the side of them and walked with them. It's while we are thinking upon Him… The trouble with the world today, we're thinking about everything else but Him. Then we wonder why we don't get blessings. It was just a few weeks ago, about three weeks ago, when I set down by some sycamore trees, as I was telling you, and begin to think. It was there for the first time that He came and declared the new ministry to me. T

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