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Pastor Chis Naidoo Grace


Final voice

30 November 2017. Romans 11: 1-6 303 Grace is what God did for me, works is what I do for God. Now, they'll make a doctrine out of it, they think that works is what wins your merits. If it is, it isn't a free gift. Grace is what God did for you, "By grace you're saved." And works is what you do in appreciation of the grace that He showed to you. And if you love Him, you like to do the works of the Lord. Certainly, because, then, you—you love Him. 304 Accepting Meda Broy, as my wife, was what love done for her. What she does, in appreciation: she's a nice woman, stays home, takes care of the children, and lives a good true life. That's not because we're not married; we are married. But she does that in appreciations. If she run downtown, every day, and took in every ten-cent store, and up

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