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Pastor Freddy Ilunga His Spirit testifies with our spirit (The echo in the soul)


Final voice

His Spirit testifies to our spirit (The echo in the soul) preached by Pastor Freddy Ilunga Kalabay on Thursday, 5 April 2018. Romans 8: 14-16 John 1: 6-9; 26-30 John 5: 36- 39 Isaiah 55: 10-11 John 18: 33-35 Hebrews 8:11 123 The thing for you to take, is to know that when Christ is in your heart, when the great trials and troubles come on, He is still sweet to you. You walk just the same. If everything is going wrong, and everybody is against you, and everything turn this way, you’re still sweet and lovely. It’s all right. Moving right on. “And you, your spirit, bearing record with His Spirit, that you’re sons and daughters of God.” If that doesn’t echo in your soul, tonight, friend, let’s not be marked out of the Kingdom of God. Let’s get in the Kingdom of God. 54-1003e - "Jubilee Year

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