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Father Hoods Podcast Father Hoods Number 100


100 EPISODES!!!!! Gotta make some noise for that!! It's been mad fun to go 100 weeks straight dropping an episode. We're proud and hope you've had a blast along with us for these 100 weeks.  On our centennial, we run into some foul news...  🎙DJ EFN shares his experience taking the COVID-19 test. E shares some hot takes from a recent conference call he was a part of with Hip Hop media folks addressing the pandemic. Are you getting vaccinated when the COVID-19 vaccines are ready?  🎙We share our points of view and how we're thinking about things in anticipation of the vaccine. 🎙We also talk about the lengths we (people of color/people of Hip Hop) sometimes go to to be accommodating in the presence of folks who may consider us threatening. Treat yourself and listen to the Father Hoods podcast every Tuesday for genuine experiences through the journey of parenting... fr

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