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Father Hoods Podcast Dad Needs Love


Fatherhood can be a real challenge, especially during the early years when our children are still very young. There’s the lack of sleep, the constant need for attention, the tantrums, the sick days, all while doing our jobs to put food on the table and a roof over our heads.  On this episode of Father Hoods, the gang details some of their day to day experiences. Hear DJ EFN's struggles with his 2 year old daughter and her tantrums and the continued jealousy she feels toward her baby brother. KGB shares how he deals with his son's lying and Manny Digital talks about how to tire out his kids to get that much needed rest. You’ll also hear some discussions about: 🎙 Annoying tactics that our kids try to use to manipulate us 🎙 DJ EFN wanting to throw out his daughter’s toys 🎙 Dad’s Mental Health Dads YOU don’t have to sacrifice your swag ANYMORE! Get the most well though

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