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Father Hoods Podcast Cub Sh*t feat. Erotic-D, Evryday Tony & Re:Zen


Are you the type of father that wants your kids following in your career footsteps? Often on this podcast there’s a divide when we talk to artists across Hip Hop about how they’d feel if their kids decided to get into the Hip Hop game.  On this episode we welcome former Death Row producer and E-World Entertainment C.E.O., Erotic-D to understand why he’s all about his kids jumping into Hip Hop. Sons EvrydayTony & Re:Zen share with the Father Hoods how they view Hip Hop as part of their lives and how dad, Erotic-D, has supported them in pursuing their ambitions.  You’ll also hear about...   🎙 Giving your kids props (but also telling it like it is) 🎙 Producing a Rap album w/ your kids 🎙 How Erotic-D left Dr. Dre, Suge Knight and Death Row Never get seen using mom’s diaper bag again! The folks at FlyDad have developed the the most well thought-out dad diaper bag for th

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