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Father Hoods Podcast Because Dads do it like that - feat. Slink Johnson


It takes a man to own up to his responsibilities, especially when that man has 5 kids by 3 mothers. On this episode we welcome in the star of "Black Jesus" actor Slink Johnson and get the real from this O.G. pops. Get ready for some laughter as we catchup on the latest dad tales from your favorite Father Hoods and hear choice dad advice from the homie Slink.  You'll hear us talk about... 🎙 Having 2 kids in the same year by 2 separate mothers 🎙 What Sex Ed Class Sounds like in 2021 🎙 Slink's take on keeping half-siblings together ...and a lot more! This episode is brought to you by FlyDad. Get ready for the world's best baby bag made exclusively for Dads! To get it first, subscribe to the pre-launch list TODAY over at! Treat yourself and listen to the Father Hoods podcast every Tuesday for genuine experiences through the journey of parenting... from the Hip H

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