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Father Hoods Podcast Allowance feat. Jerry Ferrara


So you're a father of a toddler and you're expecting your second. On top of that you're an actor and are on the go quite a bit to earn a living. What goes through the mind of this type of dad? On this episode we kick it with actor, Knicks fanatic and expectant father of his second child... Jerry Ferrara. We learn about Jerry's path to becoming a dad and what he's preparing for as he patiently awaits his second child. We get into his concerns around being forgotten by his kids when he's on the job. It also gets a little deep, when Jerry shares a very personal story about when he and his wife, Breanne, experienced a miscarriage when trying for their first. The lessons from that experience may surprise you.  We'll also revisit our lying ass kids again, but this time with some recent issues one of the Father Hoods has been silently suffering these last few weeks. This episode is brought to

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