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NERVOUS (Conwell/Jackson) Produced by Brasstracks Guitar: Randy Runyon Keys: Julius Rodriguez LYRICS: (I get Nervous) Blood pressure rising on me I know cause I can see it moving under my skin I feel it cause I'm jumping out of my body and I'm crippled from the anxiety It's like everybody counting on me I hate it cause the walls start closing in I took a couple shots straight to the chin but I won't go down, I'll get up again I get Nervous I get Nervous Oh, yeah a little uncertain That must mean it's working Cold weather wearing on me I know cause I can see the damage over my skin I feel it cause the bone chills rattle my body and I tremble with insecurities It's like everybody's coming for me Acting like the world isn't ending I wrote a couple thoughts down on a page but it really doesn't say anything Released by: Deathrocket Records Release date: 21 August 2019 Stream or DL link: http://hyperurl.co/pu9yf4