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Dominique Larue Help Me, I'm Poor

March Magna continues with Columbus, Ohio's own, Dominique Larue, who is back again with another project, Help Me, I'm Poor, and this time she is accompanied by Soop on production of The Magna Media Group. With Coin Toss released as the first single and video, everyone knew that Dominique Larue and Soop were onto something with Help Me, I'm Poor. ​Help Me, I'm Poor is a 6 track, 5 song EP which perfectly describes the climate that we live in today. Songs like IDK and Help Me, Please is where Larue speaks on hard issues of trying to make a living while dealing with depression and anxiety. But then Larue changes the feel a little by showcasing her aggression and lyrical capacity on Coin Toss and You May Stay. Lastly, Larue brings it all back together with Do What I Wanna where Larue realiz

  • Producer: SupaNatra
  • Runtime: 18 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: