Enterthaminds Tha Offseason: "Ratchet In My Benz"


In this episode of “Tha Offseason”, we were joined by our good friends from the New York Dose Podcast and things immediately went off the rails.  There was talk about running red lights and being shat on all in the first 6 mins.  This is episode will definitely give you a couple of laughs, but you might want to use some headphones.  If you have a question for Tha Minds to be answered on air go to enterthaminds.com and select Ask Tha Minds, all questions will be anonymous. Enterthaminds IG/Twitter:@enterthaminds Facebook: https://facebook.com/enterthaminds Boris Twitter/IG: @SlyCooliano  Courtney Twitter: @Spraggsz_ IG: @Spraggsz Jordan Twitter: @SupaDupa_JO  IG: @supadupajo Marcus IG: @everybodyhatesmarcus Twitter: @blame_marcus

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