Enterthaminds Tha Offseason: Gossip Folks


In the second episode of “Tha Offseason” Tha Minds take on some listener questions that lead them down a rabbit hole of what-ifs and they talk current events and share their perspectives on what’s happening in the world. In the offseason Tha Minds will be discussing a range of topics, listener questions, and current events. Stay tuned for more frequent releases during the off-season. If you have a question for Tha Minds to be answered on air go to enterthaminds.com and select ask the minds all questions will be anonymous. Enterthaminds IG/Twitter:@enterthaminds Facebook: https://facebook.com/enterthaminds Boris Twitter/IG: @SlyCooliano  Courtney Twitter: @Spraggsz_  IG: @Spraggsz Jordan Twitter: @SupaDupa_JO  IG: @supadupajo Marcus IG: @everybodyhatesmarcus Twitter: @blame_marcus

  • Release Date: February 15, 2020