Enterthaminds Tha Offseaon: With My Team


In this episode of “Tha Offseason”, We have our bros from Pilot Talk Podcast on and we hit a variety of topics. Trust me you will definitely leave this episode with more than a few gems. Now with this being our longest episode ever we decided to add timestamps for the convo so this way you won’t lose your place. 4:30-what is Pilot talk podcast all about/how did they come together. 14:30- the various charity work and business ventures  25:25- what apocalypse would they wanna experience  30:50- discuss why team no sleep is dumb/breaking down the changes from our parents generation. 45:00 -  discussing how PTP prevent hitting a wall 52:18 - Discuss favorite hip hop moment of all time   70:30 - Things get interested when they Pick their favorite record labels 87:30 - Best Debut run of artists 90:00 — still discussing the best debut run of hip hop artists 95:00 (1 hr 35m) - debating our views on the last classic album 100:42 (1 hr 40m 42secs) - we go over listener questions  If you have a question for Tha Minds to be answered on air go to enterthaminds.com and select ask the minds all questions will be anonymous. Enterthaminds IG/Twitter:@enterthaminds Facebook: https://facebook.com/enterthaminds Boris Twitter/IG: @SlyCooliano  Courtney Twitter: @Spraggsz_ IG: @Spraggsz Jordan Twitter: @SupaDupa_JO  IG: @supadupajo Marcus IG: @everybodyhatesmarcus Twitter: @blame_marcus

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