Eric Washington Canto I

Canto I is the very first full length official mixtape from Hip-Hop artist Eric Washington. This mixtape contains the critically acclaimed tracks, "All Good (Remix)" and "Friday Night School", alongside Eric Washington's personal favorites, "So EPiC", "100 Bars", "Thelonious Blackmon", and "All Night". This is the very first artistic project from Eric Washington, and he looks forward to continuing his craft and gaining a larger audience, and hopes you enjoy this project from beginning to end. This is all better said in his own words, "I offer whoever will listen my own personal Hip-Hop art from my heart, my pen, my mind, and from my soul." Please listen, like, share, download, and above all else, enjoy this mixtape. Also available wherever mixtapes are available via download.

  • Runtime: 57 minutes, 13 songs
  • Release Date: