Brockout No Guts No Glory - Part 1 - The Journey


The No Guts No Glory trilogy, also known as the NGNG trilogy is made up of three Eps. The first of these Eps is No Guts No Glory – Part 1 - The Journey, which features 8 tracks. The No Guts Glory body of work is designed to capture Brockout's journey and undying commitment to live, to live a life of meaning and purpose, by taking the leap towards his dreams, as to supposedly exist on the basis of surviving, working a nine to five, caught up in the rat race till his dying day. So despite all the hardships and struggle, his determined to live his dream, No Guts No Glory! No Guts No Glory 2 is scheduled for release summer 2015. For more information:

  • Producer: Brockout
  • Runtime: 0 seconds, 8 songs
  • Release Date: December 7, 2014