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El Speaker Mandinga

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El Speaker

Last year at this very period, I went to Cuba and Colombia for 2 months, seeking zapapaya, seeking salsa and son cubano. I met beautiful and talented people all along the road. I recorded more than 20 songs, and today a year later the loop is closed. I have explored many new horizons, attempted many new blends, and distilled many spirits. Mandinga is the first track of a long serie of songs. It's a tribute to Buena Vista Social Club and the old cuban soneros. It's the first remix of a serie I called the "Zapapaya Social Club". Nobody better than my friend Carlos Napoles to reinterpret that classic with me. A big shout out to his son Osmel Napoles for playing the congas and bongos. And a very special thanks to Adele Sautereau for giving a face to my music with her wonderful artwork. She is gonna be working with me on the whole project. Last but non the least, thanks to Laury Perez for the choirs, and the continued support! ✖️Mandinga available on : Spotify : Apple Music : Itunes :…?ls=1&app=itunes

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