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El Speaker & Mots Linary Dounya

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El Speaker

Dounya is a conversation between the Afro-Colombian culture and the Senegalese culture. Where folkloric Colombian percussions (tambora, alegre, maracas) and Gaita (Colombian flute) meet modern and experimental, deep Afro Trap vibes. Dounya is a bridge between tradition and innovation, old school and new school. Where acoustic meets electronic, where analog meets digital, where Singers meet DJs. Dounya, "Life" in Senegalese (Wolof), is an invitation to celebrate the sacred and the spiritual. I feel blessed for being able to work with such material, it has been a real honor and tribute to Colombia and Africa. A trip I couldn’t have taken without my wonderful partners Mots Linary, Makhou, Pao Barreto & Jehisson Ivan Santacruz. I hope you’ll like this song and its story.

  • Producer: El Speaker & Mots Linary
  • Release Date: