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You set my heart on fire X2 Fireee! You broken my heart girl (U broken my heart You torn me apart ooo (U torn me apart ooo... eh) You took me for granted (You took me for granted.. Eh) You broken my heart girl (You broken my heart girl...) Chorus Bye!! Girl ooh X4 Make you go away eh X4 Solo 1 Girl, you gave me a wound that is deeper than most, (eh) I felt without you I would be no more, Shey, u tell me to say we go dey together U would be my girl and you dn't seek another I gave you true love And I gave you my all U keep on playing me like a cosmoball yeah and u keep on running around like a Usain Bolt yeah (Yeah! Yeah!!) I dey call pain killer Now U-turn giver. Chorus Solo 2 Limbo!!! Baby you keep me in limbo (X2) You do what you do cuz You don't care how it feels

  • Producer: Jakubeatz
  • Album: Getting Started
  • Release Date: