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Eazy Bob Wizzy Sanctified Baddie


Sanctified Baddie (the song) started as Eazy chose to challenge himself by making a song about a "Sanctified Baddie," a term that is somewhat popular/viral amongst the Nigerian Christian community on Twitter. After lacing a beat and writing a hook, Eazy shot a video of himself vibing and performing the hook. He posted to see how people would react and to know if they would want a full song. Well, they did and he delivered. On 'Sanctified Baddie,' Eazy is expressing his need for a lady who can hold her own and take care of him. Most importantly she needs to be God-fearing and really value her relationship with Jesus above anything else. Notable Lyrics: Spirit, soul, body on check And she got a Kingdom State of Mind Yeah she prolly my spec

  • Producer: Eazy Bob Wizzy
  • Release Date:

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