Fyah Roiall Underrated

Fyah Roiall (pronounced “royal”) is one of Jamaica’s most exciting rappers at the forefront of the emerging “grimehall” sound (also sometimes referred to as “traphall”), a new forward-facing subgenre of Jamaican music that combines American trap, UK grime, and dancehall. The album’s title is meant to showcase genuine talent over contrived creativity. Roiall explains, “’Underrated’ is usually an ugly word; no one wants to be considered that, but being overrated isn’t good at all, either. Being ‘underrated’ is the real deal. My aim is to pull the focus in the direction of the underrated, because I think that is where the real talent is; everything else is over saturated.” Fyah Roiall is thrilled to release his full length album and hopes his listeners understand that “Myself and my music ar

  • Runtime: 36 minutes, 12 songs
  • Release Date: